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The days of working as a "run of the mill agent" earning commission on one deal to the next are over. Our industry is far too competitive, there are too many agents, the monthly operating costs are high, and if you're not tech driven, you're in no man's land!

If you consider Real Estate to be a career and think of yourself as a businessperson that would like to work and interact with likeminded professionals, then start by asking yourself a few VERY pertinent questions....

  1. Why would you align yourself to a company that stifles your entrepreneurial spirit?
  2. Why would you align yourself to a company that does not make you, the agent, the priority?
  3. What is your plan to increase turnover and also curb your ever-increasing running costs and expenses?
  4. Why would you stay where you are, when the Real Estate industry has changed, is changing, and will continue to change?
  5. Where do you see yourself if you are not part of this change, with access to a business model, that is geared for the future, and that offers you an exit plan?
  6. Why would you align yourself to a company that treats you as an employee, caps your earnings, charges you monthly operating fees and still takes a large split on each of your deals?

Six great questions, and if you answered just 20% of them with some form of doubt, are you in a good place, and will you survive?

If you are a reactive, disruptive, kingdom driven entrepreneur, who can contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking, fast-moving company, that is light years ahead of the rest, then the only road to travel is with a company that is the future of our industry. A no fuss, high tech cloud based, no bricks and mortar company, that affords you the opportunity to run your own business from home as an independent contractor, where you can tap into no less than 6 different income streams, why would you then say no?

The Oceaniqua business model, powered by EXP, is about technology, dominating, adapting, sharing, and making a profit. Our team consists of only "Full Status accredited" Directors, and we hand pick the agents that we invite to represent our brand.

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The agent is the priority not the principal.
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You will be part of a team that works with you to maximise earnings and profit.
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You will have access to the most advanced real estate technology on the planet.